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  Hours ( Monday: Closed ) 

                   < Pick-up time >    Tue〜Thu : 2:00pm〜8:00pm

                                                 Fri & Sat   : 2:00pm〜8:30pm 

                                                    Sun       : 3:00pm〜7:30pm

​        ** We will be closed from 11/30 to 12/3. Apologies for any inconvenience.


per person

◉ OMAKASE-100     $100


12 types of Nigiri Sushi

Cut roll

 miso soup

◉ OMAKASE-85     $85


10 types of Nigiri Sushi

Cut roll

 miso soup

◉ OMAKASE-45     $45

7 types of Nigiri Sushi

 Cut roll

​Seaweed salad

 miso soup

◉ Premium Bento Box   $120 per person

*2 orders minimum

**need to request 2 days in advance

      Kusshi Oysters with Caviar & Yuzu 

Sashimi / Toro, Red Snapper cured with kelp, Kampach(Amberjack)

Grilled Lobster with egg yolk miso

Simmered tender octopus with yuzu papper

      Homemade Ankimo (Monkfish liver) with homemade Ponzu

Grilled seasonal fish

​Seasonal dish

​"Oshi-zushi" Pressed Sea eel sushi 3 pieces

Blue crab cut roll 3 pieces

Homemade Ice cream Yuzu

**Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any food restrictions.

** menu contents vary slightly depending on the season.

◉ Salmon Box Sushi   $20

“Oshi-zushi” Pressed Salmon with Sushi (6 pieces), 

 Seaweed salad & Miso soup

  ** $5 up to addition Tuna roll

◉ Battera   $20

**need to request 1 day in advance

“Oshi-zushi” Pressed Saba mackerel sushi (6 pieces), 

 Seaweed salad & Miso soup

  ** $5 up to addition Tuna roll

◉ Homemade Ice cream "Yuzu & Vanilla"16oz $13.5

** Limited to 2 a day

Please call us for your pick up order.


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