** This reservation is for indoor and outdoor seating. There is two option at reservation page. Please select "Standard seating" for indoor, and "Outdoor seating" for outdoor. Also we have sushi bar and table at indoor dining. Seating at sushi bar is first-come first-served basis but please let us know which seating is prefer, when we call to confirm your reservation. Also please let us know your Omakase order.


Please kindly note, our dinner menu is only a full-course set Japanese "Omakase" sushi. Omakase means the chef's choice meal. The sushi chef selects and creates a personalized menu for the guests, allowing him to be creative with all dishes. Please see our Menu page before you make a reservation.

(Lunch) Lunch reservations are accepted by only phone call. Please call us! 

(Dinner) 2 groups at sushi bar, 1 or 2 groups at table per seating.

(To-Go) Available for Pick-up TO-GO order too. Our To-go Omakase sushi are $45, $85 and $100 Omakase. Also Premium Bento box $120 per person. 

*** Due to extremely limited space, any cancellation within 48 hours of the time of reservation (6 days for PREMIUM OMAKASE MIYAGI) or any no show will be subject to a cancellation fee of $80 per person and  $100 per person for PREMIUM OMAKASE MIYAGI.

Thank you very much for supporting us during these difficult times.

Any Questions? Please call or email us!

Tel: 323-382-5635

​email: sushimiyagiusa@gmail.com